Lyric Writing Workshop - Adam Watts

Songwriters, I want to share my approach to lyric writing. These techniques will help you write more cohesive, creative and effective lyrics that are more authentic, compelling and unique.

Overview of this video workshop:

  • 75 Minute Lyric Writing Workshop

  • On Demand Access (via the Broken City Artists Private Facebook Group)

  • Access to the replay of the Live Workshop Q&A following the workshop.

  • You'll be invited to join the exclusive BCA community (via Facebook).

Once you register, you'll receive all the info via email on how to access the workshop video (same day).

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During this workshop, I break down my process and show you key techniques I use to craft lyrics. This is the approach I’ve used to write my most personal solo music as well as hit songs for artists and films across a wide variety of genres (see bio & credits below). We’ll dig deep into both the art and craft of writing compelling lyrics and uncovering your unique voice as a writer.

Here's what you'll learn how to do:

  • Transform your ability to write creative, cohesive lyrics and break through writer's block.

  • Combine the power of the human voice, melody, and words in a way that fully expresses your vision.

  • Apply my "Three Cures for Boring Lyrics". These concepts will help you take take your ideas and develop them into lyrics that reflect your unique perspective, thoughts and emotions while effectively engaging and moving listeners.

  • Finally, you'll be able to witness a Q&A session where I've answered some interesting questions from previous workshop attendees.


And my heart cries out for more

Give me more, give me more

Oh... more... Oh... more

I want more... More...

We count days

Put on a happy face

In the quiet we're much more honest

Is there something more we could've missed

It's a slow and steady ride

We convict and punish crimes

And somewhere along we face it

How it is we're all connected




Words and Music by Adam Watts

We try be behave

We try to be brave

In the cradle of desperation

We cry out for a familiar revelation

Look me straight in the eyes

Remove your disguise

I'll remove mine

Give me kings I'll give you aces

Feed me truth I want to taste it


And the world just turns and turns

And the sun just burns and burns

And the waves run hands of water up the shore

What's up fellow songwriters, I'm Adam Watts :) As some of you already know, I've always been passionate about artist development.

In recent years —between album projects—I've enjoyed devoting some of my time to teaching both privately and at the University level (particularly since writing my book "The Human of Being Art: A Holistic Approach to Being an Artist and Creating Art”).

I want to share concepts and strategies that have been extremely useful to me in my solo work and in my work as a songwriter throughout my career collaborating with other artists such as Demi Lovato, Switchfoot, Jeremy Camp, Joe Jonas, Colton Dixon, Kelly Clarkson, and many others. I was a songwriter for Walt Disney Music Publishing for a decade and since 2016 have been signed to the top independent music publisher, Reservoir Media.

Most recently, I was honored to be the Executive Music Producer, Songwriter, Mixer and Mastering Engineer for Netflix's hit musical "A Week Away.” I’m grateful to have had a successful career in such a crazy and difficult business, but more than anything it’s about creating music that moves people.

Working on so many varied artists and projects over the years, I've learned that there are some universal truths about how to navigate the creative process while staying true to oneself. This holds true for creating songs… I call it SongMaking; which is the sum total of a wide variety of skillsets involved in making a finished song—each with their own unique challenges.

So many people have asked me how to get better as a songwriter, and I found myself going back to the same concepts time and time again when trying to help them...

...and I've had a front row seat to the amazing results these concepts can foster. These are approaches, concepts and techniques I’ve spend over 25 years developing and using in my own music and career.

I'm excited and passionate about sharing these strategies with all of you, not only because I know they work, but also because I'm passionate about helping artists discover and amplify their authentic self and share their gift with the world.